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Okay round 2… I’m going to turn off my anon… I just can’t, I’m on mobile and I can’t… I don’t even see the point of uploading this. Sorry WHY AM I GETTING SO MANY??

wtf, do you seriously not have anything better to do anon? 

Let me just tell you, I was feeling extremely down the past few days and it was Clara was one of the few people who took notice and like really showed me loads of care and made sure that I was alright. LET ME JUST SAY THIS ONCE. CLARA IS NOT AN ATTENTION SEEKING WHORE. YOU ARE. I don’t like to return hate with hate but you have seriously gone way too fucking far. Clara is an amazing person, to have her go through such a treatment because YOU decided to go around thinking you are bigger than everyone? Well FUCK YOU.

Telling someone to die like that? What kind of sick person you are? Will you be happy when Clara dies? WILL YOU BE HAPPY THAT YOU ENDED SOMEONE’S LIFE? WILL YOU BE ABLE TO LIVE WITH THE FACT THAT YOUR HARMFUL WORDS HAVE ENDED SOMEONE’S LIFE?

You don’t deserve my empathy. You don’t deserve ANY nice words from anyone.

Clara, I want you to know that it’s that one person against us many who supports you. Please don’t do anything silly. We’re here for you against that fucking bitch ass anon. Don’t let him/her win.

WTH??? Who the heck is this person … if you can even call him or her a person…. I’m disgusted by it. Don’t let this “thing” dictate how to feel. When you’re happy they lose… I may not know you personally but I know that no one deserves any of those things. 

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