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There’s a sale for KBTBB!! But I already have Eisuke and Soryu… which one of the other guys should I try next? Not so sure about Ota because he’s a little creepy sometimes (I tried the first chapter of his story) and I don’t really know what to make of Baba or Mamoru’s routes. What do you guys suggest?

Baba is pretty good. Not great like Soryou or Eisuke but okay. I haven’t Ota yet but he creeps me out too. I brought him since he was on sale too and I still don’t know if I wabt Mamo.




Okay guys, this is my first giveaway, ever… and I am pretty nervous but hopefully you all enjoy this. Since I don’t have many talents like most of the Voltage fandom do, I will have short stories and drawing as my prizes. I hope you all do participate. If this doesn’t get enough participants, I may just write a short story for those who do reblog or I might not continue with this at all. 


  1. You must be following me [cause I’m doing this for my followers]
  2. A like and a reblog count as two entries and each person is only allowed two entries max. You must like/reblog on this post only.
  3. Please have your ask box open so I’m able to contact you.
  4. Winners will be given 3 days to respond. If I don’t get a reply after the given time, I’ll pick someone else.  
  5. Please be patient with me. By the time this ends I would have already started classes so it might take me a while since I’ll be busier than usual.

Info on prizes:

Short Stories/Drabbles: I will write a fluffy story for you about one of the 10 days with my devil demons. I will message you to ask you who and various other questions to get a feel of what I’ll write.

Drawings: I will draw any Voltage Inc guy of your choosing, but depending on the hair will depend on how long it takes me to finish it [since I am a perfectionist]. 

RP date with my muse: The first place winner will get a nice romantic date with one of my muses [in this rp he will already be in love with you.] 

RP Priority: I am most of the time offline and I do apologize for that, but for this prize I will prioritize your RP date[for the first place winner] or any RP of your choosing[existing or new for the second place winner]. So I will make sure to respond at least two times a day until the date is finished or [for 2nd place] one weeks.

Askbox Visit: One of my muses [of your choosing] will come over to your ask box and greet you, ask you how your day has been, say cheesy pickup lines, or do or say anything and everything at least once a day [or more depending on how I feel or if I am busy that day] for an entire week, 7 days. 

There will be three winners chosen by a random number generator. There will be a fourth if I get enough reblogs.


First Place Prize: A fluff drabble, A drawing, An RP date and RP priority, and an Askbox Visit

Second Place Prize: A fluff drabble, A drawing, RP Priority, and an Askbox visit.

Third Place Prize: A fluff drabble and an Askbox visit

and if there is a fourth place, they will get a fluff drabble.

Giveaway ends on Monday, August 18th, 2014 at 7pm [USA Eastern Time]

UPDATE: If you reblog and/or like this post means you are entering the contest giveaway AND want to/are willing to RP since this is an RP giveaway. All of the prizes [except for the fourth] will have some sort of RP involvement or interaction with my muses. [I would love it if for the askbox visit the winners would respond to it]. I will not modify the prizes. So if you do not want RP and want to get out of the contest, let me know so I can take your name off the list. Cool? ^_^ Thank you to all who are particitpating :D 

Last few hours! Ends today at 7PM (Eastern USA time) 

Reminder: You must be following me and you only get two entries max. Thank you :)

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